1. Water required to make your dairy products (via Mother Jones)


  2. "We haven’t seen yet what a truly bad government is capable of doing with modern information technology. What the good ones get up to is terrifying enough."
    — Maciej Cegłowski, in a brilliant talk: Our Comrade The Electron

  4. "I’d ask you this simple question: Could you look a baby cow in its eyes and say to it, “My appetite is more important than your suffering”?"

  5. What you do as a student is what you’ll do as an adult.


  8. "But all the magic I have known
    I’ve had to make myself."
    — Shel Silverstein

  9. Interesting stuff.


  10. Amazingly simple but profound parenting advice … and actually advice for living. Love it.

  11. Typograph as art, from plain as dave


  12. I’m implementing this immediately.


  13. Good reflections on freedom and self.


  14. Massive resource.


  15. Great stuff on making decisions, living differently, creating.