2. "What did Elliot Rodger need? He didn’t need to get laid. None of us nerdy frustrated guys need to get laid. When I was an asshole with rants full of self-pity and entitlement, getting laid would not have helped me. He needed to grow up. We all do."

  3. My Q&A on running a trustworthy & authentic business in the age on online noise.


  4. New podcast called “Constant Clients Show” looks really good. This one with me is one of the first episodes, and turned out pretty well.


  5. "By playing on the public’s confusion and presenting their own products as quick fixes they convince us to buy their books, follow their diet plans, and perhaps most dangerously, ignore legitimate advice and real research."

  7. "In this moment what is lacking? This points our minds to look at the wholeness found in every moment. It also helps us see all the ways we see our lives and ourselves as broken."

  9. Good stuff! Try it today guys.


  11. Join me in a discussion in San Francisco on May 22.


  13. "The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not for love."
    — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    (Source: esquire.com)