3. My daughter Chloe’s reflections on facing the shopping addiction.


  4. "​Unfortunately, the water footprint of meat products is even bigger than that of dairy. According to another study by Mekonnen and Hoekstra, it takes a total of 425 gallons of water to produce a four-ounce serving of beef in the United States. The same size serving of pork takes 165 gallons of water; for chicken, 66 gallons."
  5. Water required to make your dairy products (via Mother Jones)


  6. "We haven’t seen yet what a truly bad government is capable of doing with modern information technology. What the good ones get up to is terrifying enough."
    — Maciej Cegłowski, in a brilliant talk: Our Comrade The Electron

  8. "I’d ask you this simple question: Could you look a baby cow in its eyes and say to it, “My appetite is more important than your suffering”?"

  9. What you do as a student is what you’ll do as an adult.


  12. "But all the magic I have known
    I’ve had to make myself."
    — Shel Silverstein

  13. Interesting stuff.


  14. Amazingly simple but profound parenting advice … and actually advice for living. Love it.

  15. Typograph as art, from plain as dave